29th February, 2024

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   This is my web page about designing of all low voltage and high voltage (220/380V, 50Hz) electrical systems, which culd be used and are necessity in every new and modern building.

   A good designing in the begining stage (Investment or Tehnical project), along with new and modern real tehnologies released on the market lead to high quality and fast implementation during buldings of instalations, low level of mistakes and misunderstanding. High quality disigned systems ensure longer exploitation live.

  Designing and co-ordinate of a electrical project give to client a flexible solution taht is sutable with his needs and ideas, rigt in the begining. With correct and well designed project of low or high voltage electrical systems the client can takes offers and to chouse the most appropriate supplier of equipment and installer of systems. 

   When there is a project designed and co-ordinate on the begining , at later etaps of instalation can be avoid additional investments bicoause of big changes and luck of idea what can be done. Using of CAD sysyems and software for lighting and electrical design guarantee precision and flexibility during designing and implementation of electrical projects.

   Designing of one project requires two mager thinks , investments of client’s side and time for co–ordination and realization.

Ivo Novoselski